Ronald Stevenson Memorial Recital

Ronald Stevenson Memorial Recital

Saturday 18 August, Stoller Hall, as part of the Chetham’s International Summer School and Festival For Pianists

Date: Saturday 18 August 2018
Start Time: 19.00
End Time: 20.00
Event Type: Recital
Featuring: Pupils from Chetham's school of music
The Ronald Stevenson recital was established in 2015 with funds generously donated by the Stevenson society. This year we welcome pupils from Chetham's school of music to perform a varied selection of Ronald's piano music.
With his trim goatee beard, theatrical coat and broad-brimmed fedora-style hat, Stevenson came as close as he could (though never perhaps quite close enough) to being a sort of Busoni-like figure himself, or at least the very model of a romantic composer of the Busoni period. In his thirties, he was capable of attracting anyone's attention as he strolled around Edinburgh, holding forth to whoever was with him about Bernard van Dieren, Peter Warlock, the Peebles-born Cecil Gray and other sacred monsters of the early 20th century with whose music he seemed obsessed. As a pupil of the Russian pianist Iso Elinson (who was a pupil of Felix Blumenfeld, who was a pupil of Rimsky-Korsakov) he possessed a keyboard virtuosity more than sufficient to make him an imposing public performer, although he held back from ever becoming a full-time pianist.
Programme to include the world premiere of Murray McLachlan’s new two piano work ‘Scherzo Toccata after Prokofiev in celebration of Ronald Stevenson’s 90th birthday’ performed by Callum and Murray McLachlan
Other works by Ronald Stevenson on the programme include Recitative and Air (DSCH) Pensees sur les Preludes de Chopin and Wheen Tunes for bairns tae spiel
With Cassandra Alampo
Daniel Liu
Leah Nicholson
Rose McLachlan
Stoller Hall
Chetham's school of music
Long Millgate
M3 1SB
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Tickets: £10 and £5 concessions. Free to all summer school participants
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Contact Tel No 0333 130 0967
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Type: Recital
Date: Saturday 18 August 2018
Start Time: 19.00
End Time: 20.00