Overseas Malaysian Winter Piano Academy Masterclasses

Intensive masterclasses with outstanding young Malaysian Pianists who have travelled to the UK for especially to attend this remarkable winter academy. Concerts, lectures, workshops, one to one teaching and sessions on all kinds of related topics including sight reading, imrpovisation and memory. An exceptionally impressive faculty of tutors including artistic director and founder Bobby Chen, Douglas Finch, Graham Caskie, Andrew Balll, Melanie Spanswick and many others

Yehudi Menhuin School, Surrey
Type: Masterclass
Start Date: Tuesday 9 December 2014
End Date: Wednesday 10 December 2014
Start Time: 10.00hrs
End Time: 17.00hrs
Speaker/Performer: Murray McLachlan
Host Organisation: OMWPA
Contact Telephone: 01689 856 937
Contact Email: beethovenscorsesese@yahoo.co.uk