Re-release of 6 Vainberg Sonatas

Post Date: 20 September 2012
Post Type: Piano Things


Feeling very sentimental and touched at the re-release this month on Divine Art of my 1997 six Vainberg piano sonatas. Seems so long ago, yet memories of the old Olympia CD label and its wonderful director Francis Wilson are still strong. Francis was passionate about Russian and Soviet music, especially neglected music like Vainberg (also spelt 'Weinberg'). He was so supportive and kind to me personally- a real father figure and his passing two years back was a real loss.

But what of this music? Well it can possibly be described as Shostakovich with a Jewish twist. Sonatas 2, 4 and 6 were championed by the likes of Gilels and Richter and are indeed wonderful. I especially love the slow movement of 2, but all six works have their merits. And the fourth sonata is the jewel in the crown.