Marcus Blunt Piano Concerto recording

Post Date: 19 July 2016
Post Type: Piano Things


> Memories from yesterday’s recording session at RNCM in Manchester are still fresh. A fantastic day, culminating with lots of bubbly at the Midland Hotel in Manchester! Life as a composer can be tough, with setbacks and struggles along the way. Composition is not for the fainthearted, but perseverance, determination and courage pays off. Definitely lots of those qualities in evidence with Marcus Blunt, the distinguished composer who will be 70 next year and lives in Dumfriesshire. So touched, moved and happy to help bring Marcus Blunt’s Piano Concerto to life yesterday with Manchester Camerata under conductor Stephen Threlfall. Touched too by the fantastic playing and friendly positive support of this fabulous orchestra and maestro! Playing the solo part of this 27 minute concerto and hearing it emerge as a living phenomenon some 21 years after it was completed was deeply moving. The recording will come out on Divine Art next year. Marcus has a unique voice as a composer and has written over 80 works. Here is a piece he wrote and dedicated to me: Fantasy on the name MURRAy MCLaCHLan