Ten inspiring days in China

Post Date: 31 October 2016
Post Type: Piano Things

Just returned to Manchester after ten days of extraordinary inspiration, warmth, kindness and friendship in China: Firstly in Beijing (central middle school conservatoire) and then Shenzhen (Lang Lang Music world).
Lots of gratitude felt for all the wonderful people who looked after me so marvellously, especially in Beijing to Professor Xinning Zhang, and in Shenzhen to Professor Yafen Zhu and Kare Ma. It never felt like work , though the schedule was intense with two full evening recitals, (absolutely beautiful halls and amazing Model D Hamburg Steinways- Franck Prelude, Chorale & Fugue, Myaskovsky's half hour long first sonata and the 24 Chopin Preludes). Additionally there were two master classes, a teachers' seminar, 18 one to one lessons in Beijing and three full days of similar hours in Shenzhen! But time passed very swiftly. The love of piano here and the knowledge and flair shown in the most challenging works by talented young pianists makes for cheer and the sense of a small world. Needless to say I felt completely at home!
This tour was most notable for so many reunions and reconnections, not least being able to meet up with my fellow Aberdonian chess playing friend Philip from Primary school after 37 years! We became friends from the age of five so it was touching that he came over from Hong Kong with his family to see me at the Lang Lang school.