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Post Date: 27 October 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions: The EPTA/ABRSM Piano Teaching Course 2019

* What is the ABRSM/EPTA Piano Teaching Course? It is a freshly designed course for piano teachers beginning in January 2019, EPTA’s 40th Anniversary Year. It will comprise six training days:

1. January 27 2019 New Year! New ideas- the inspirational teacher
2 February 24 2019 Spring Inspiration- The Effective, Consistent teacher
3. March 31 2019 Easter energister- the clear-sighted teacher
4. June 2 2019 Mid-Year Motivator- Towards a more personal approach
5.June 30 2019 Summer Teaching Sunshine- The flexible, empathetic teacher
6. July 21st 2019-End lf term reflections- The dynamic, motivational teacher

Teachers are encouraged to attend all six training days if they intend to take advantage of the EPTA diplomas (pitched at three levels, Cert.EPTA, Dip.EPTA and LEPTA). Teachers may also aspire to take an ABRSM teaching diploma having attended the whole course, whether at Dip.ABRSM, LRSM or FRSM level according to their current qualifications and experience. If so, they will need to pay the additional ABRSM current entry fees and must also demonstrate the prerequisite qualifications/experience as laid out in their publicity material. Alternatively, teachers may wish to attend on a more occasional basis, perhaps by selecting one or two days for CPD purposes, e.g. to boost or retrain in an area of their teaching they feel needs refreshing. The ABRSM/EPTA course has the advantage of several experienced ABRSM diploma examiners who, through their collective expertise in conducting exams worldwide, will guide candidates through the process step by step.

* Why choose the ABRSM/EPTA course? Thanks to EPTA’s long-standing status, the Association is able to draw upon the skills and resources of highly qualified professionals from the world of piano teaching.

* What is the cost? The cost is £500 for all 6 days (if all days are enrolled on) or £100 for any single day.

* Who is the course aimed at? The course is aimed at all piano teachers, regardless of their current level of qualifications or experience. EPTA wishes to help and support teachers from whichever point in their career they may currently find themselves.

* Do I need Grade 8 piano in order to do the course? No – however, Grade 8 Piano and Grade 6 Theory are currently prerequisites for taking the Dip.ABRSM teaching diploma.

* The EPTA Mentoring Scheme
EPTA is currently in the process of putting together a teacher mentor scheme. This will give you access to a teacher in your location who is able to help you study towards Grade 8 piano. Alternatively, your mentor may able to help prepare you to take a teaching diploma; in the first instance this might be an ABRSM, TCL or LCM qualification according to the knowledge and background of your mentor, though the launch of EPTA’s new exciting suite of teaching diploma examinations is anticipated during the second half of 2019. Students interested in the EPTA Mentoring Scheme should e-mail Carole Booth:

* What qualifications can I hope to achieve having undertaken the course? If you attend all six days you will be in a position to enter yourself for either the Cert.EPTA, Dip.EPTA or LEPTA as relevant. While these qualifications have yet to become accredited, in due course they look set to emerge robustly and become accepted within the field of music education. The training given during the course will stand you in good stead to enter for an ABRSM and/or EPTA qualification.

* Do I have to take an ABRSM teaching diploma after the course, and what is the additional cost in doing so? No – you don’t have to take an ABRSM, EPTA or indeed any other diploma upon completing the course; however, it is anticipated that many participants will wish to consider taking advantage of the opportunity the course provides.

* What is the cost of taking an ABRSM teaching diploma?
Current diploma fees can be found on the ABRSM website.

* Can I attend the course just for CPD refreshers and simply do the days with content I’m particularly interested in? Yes, absolutely, as detailed above, you can do this at a cost of £100 for the day. Early enquiries are advised.

* Where can I find the course time-table? The outline content and timetable for each day can be found within this document. It should be stressed that this timetable remains provisional; EPTA may need to alter the schedule, or indeed make changes to tutors at any time prior to the dates advertised.

* Who is presenting on the course? All tutors and presenters are acknowledged experts in their fields

Melvyn Cooper
Paul Harris
Helen Krizos
Nancy Litten
Karen Marshall
Murray McLachlan
Margaret Murray-McLeod
Mark Tanner
Chris Walters

* Might it be possible to arrange one-to-one lessons while doing the course?

How much will these cost?

Yes, subject to availability and scheduling commitments, your tutors may be available to provide up to six lessons (at £60 per lesson) at the training days. Do book early to make sure you secure your slot.

* Where will the course be held?

It is anticipated that all six days will take place at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, though the possibility of a change of venue (within Manchester) should be borne in mind at this stage.

* If you have any further questions about the course, tutors, diplomas, finding accommodation in Manchester or other related matters, please contact the EPTA Administrator, Carole Booth: 08456581054 or e mail admin@epta-uk.org