Eric Chisholm: Music for Piano, Vol. 6
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Erik Chishoim (1904-1965)

To many continentals Scotland just seems to be the top-part of England with no particular characteristics of its own. How wrong they are! If they travel to...
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ERIK CHISIIOLM - Music for piano, volume 6
Ceol Mor Dances [16.40]
1. I Adagio [1.20]
2. II Andante moderato [1.44]
3. III Allegretto scherzando [2.05]
4. IV Allegretto grazioso [2.43]
5. V Allegro moderato — grandioso [4.23]
6. VI Tranquillo — Allegro vivo — Poco adagio — Presto [4.25]
Dunedin Suite [16.13]
7. I Prelude [5.32]
8. II Sarabande [2.45]
9. III Caprice [2.33]
10. IV Strathspey [3.44]
11. V Jig [1.39]
Scottish Airs [12.06]
12. A bhanarcach dhonn a’ chruidh [0.37]
13. Ceud soraidh nam do’n Ailleagan [1.29]
14. untitled [1.32]
15. untitled [0.35]
16. ‘5 mi air cragan na sgura [1.22]
17. Ossian an deigh nam Fion [1.00]
18. Aisling [0.49]
19. Lament for McGriogair of Roro [1.32]
20. Jig (untitled) [1.09]
21. Dance of the Princess Jaschya-Sheena [2.38]
The Wisdom Book [4.33]
22. No. 1 He comes in with his 5 eggs and 4 of them rotten [0.18]
23. No. 2 Better ane bird in ye hand than two in the Busche [0.26]
24. No. 3 None so deaf [0.21]
25. No. 4 Let him that’s culd blow out the cole [0.20]
26. No. 5 As the old coke craws the young coke learnes [0.20]
27. No. 6 Better bairnes greet than beardit men [0.16]
28. No. 7 Weaponis bode peace [0.29]
29. No. 8 The tortoise and the hare [0.25]
30. No. 9 He who permits [0.28]
31. No. 10 Quha can sing sa merrie a not as he — yt hes not worth a groat? [0.28]
32. No. 11 Set a begger on horsbak and he will run his hors out of breth [0.42]
Night Song of the Bards - Six Nocturnes [27.04]
33. First Bard Andante sostenuto [3.38]
34. Second Bard Allegro tempestuoso [5.41]
35. Third Bard Adagio, dolce e poco cantabile [4.19]
36. Fourth Bard Appassionato e dramatico [4.24]
37. Fifth Bard Lento tranquilo [3.53]
38. Sixth Bard (The Chief) Adagio [5.09]
Total playing time: [77.30]

Erik Chishoim (1904-1965)

To many continentals Scotland just seems to be the top-part of England with no particular characteristics of its own. How wrong they are! If they travel to the North of Scotland and make contact with the Gaelic-speaking population, see our tartans, Celtic Crosses, and hear our piobaireachd music, they may realise that we have certain Asiatic qualities which are not shared by the Sassenach.”

It was Erik Chisholm’s wife, Diana, who wrote the above, recalling Bartok’s fascination with the Scottish traditional music to which Erik had introduced him in Glasgow in 1932 and 1933. The Asiatic qualities to which Diana Chisholm refers are in evidence on this, the sixth CD in the series of Erik Chishoim’s piano music. Chishoim had lived and worked in India and Singapore in the last year of the Second World War, so he had personally had the chance to assess the potential relationships, which find expression in the remarkable Nocturnes: Night Song of the Bards.

However, the first three groups of pieces are wholly Scottish, born of Chisholm’s fascination with the music of the great Highland bagpipes, and with his life-long engagement with the music in Patrick MacDonald’s collection of Highland Vocal Airs, published in 1784, and which had been given to Chisholm when he was just a boy. The melodic shapes, the dance rhythms, the embellishments, the implied drones, all found a place in his idiom; but it was an idiom also informed by his training as a concert pianist and by his enduring interest in every kind of music, from the Renaissance pieces that inspired his Sonatinas (see Volumes, 3, 4 and 5), to the latest modernist developments in Europe.

With such a rich musical background, as well as highly developed pianistic skills, Chisholm was able to make Scottish music his own. He was never too frightened to handle it roughly, and was happy to wrestle with it harmonically and chromatically, and spread it out across an amazing variety of textures. But Chisholm was able to do so successfully because he understood its strength, and that strength is honoured in all his treatments.

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